Weinor Semina Life Awning Fitted in Windsor

We have recently installed two stunning Weinor Semina Life awnings to a property in Windsor.  This period townhouse benefited from lots of sunlight in the evening, but our client wanted an awning to provide shade during the day and into the evening. We also fitted motorised valances to the awnings that drop down from the front edge to provide extra shade from low sunlight later in the day. We also colour matched the awning cassette to the exterior shade of the property and installed a classic neutral striped awning fabric. The awnings are controlled by a hand-held remote control and are fitted with vibration wind sensors that automatically close the awning when the breeze gets too strong.

Weinor Semina Life Awning Fitted in Windsor by Awningsouth

Weinor Semina Life Awning

The Weinor Semina Life Awning is a Reddot Award-winning design. A great all-rounder, this awning will suit most properties and many outdoor spaces. The full cassette full protects the awning when it is not in use. And it even comes with cushioned rollers to remove debris from the fabric when it is retracted. This is a classy and modern design with high performing technology that will look and perform brilliantly for many years.

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Weinor Power Valance

If you want extra privacy or sun protection, the Weinor Power Valance is a fantastic addition for your awning. Simply use the hand-held remote to deploy the valance which will drop down from the front awning bar. You can choose the size of the valance to suit the amount of coverage needed and the fabric can match the main awning for a coordinated look. Or, if you don’t want the valance to block your views, a semi-transparent fabric can be fitted.

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