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Weinor Awnings Logo - Fitted by ShuttersouthWe are an official Weinor UK supplier and fitter. With over 50 years of experience, Weinor Awnings are renowned for their high quality and durable garden and patio awnings. Providing a large range of awning options to suit all needs and budgets, Weinor has over 170 awning fabrics to choose from and over 200 frame colours so you can find the perfect awning for your outdoor space.

Weinor Awnings Fitted by Awningsouth

Weinor - Cassita Weinor Awning with Lights

Weinor Cassita Awning

With a super slimline cassette and beautifully designed bracket and front facade, the Weinor Cassita Awning is well suited to the modern home and is part of our mid-budget range.

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Weinor Semina Life Awning - Fitted By Awningsouth

Weinor Semina Life Awning

A Reddot award-winning design, the Weinor Seminar Life Awning is a great all-rounder awning that will suit most outdoor spaces. It has an elegant and timeless style and state of the art technology.

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Premium Surrey Awning with Lighting by Awningsouth

Weinor Opal Awning

Offering the very best in awning quality, the Weinor Opal Awning features multi-section units that are able to cover vast areas of outdoor space making it ideal for larger properties.

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Why Choose Weinor Awnings

Dedicated to Quality

Weinor’s engineers and designers are passionate about delivering the best quality awnings to you to enjoy. Carefully designed to suit your outdoor living needs and constructed using the very best materials available, Weinor Awnings are long-lasting and reliable.

Durable and Long Lasting

All Weinor Awnings are made with the very best materials. All of the nuts, bolts and screws are stainless steel and the awning arms and brackets are manufactured using drop forged aluminium for maximum strength. Furthermore, all Weinor products have a special powder coating finish to prevent corrosion.

Award Winning

Weinor Awnings have won numerous awards over the years in recognition of both their beautiful design and aesthetic qualities and advanced technical brilliance.

Specialised Distributors

Weinor is only available through a select number of hand-picked high-quality awning specialists, including Awningsouth. You will not find Weinor Awnings available in high street home improvement stores or be able to buy them directly online. Each and every awning is custom made to fit your home with care and attention to detail to ensure a premium quality finish that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.