Motorised Awning Fitted in Esher, Surrey

This is our latest awning installation in Esher, Surrey, featuring a stunning 6.4-metre wide motorised Weinor awning with a full cassette. On this project, we had to overcome the challenge of there being limited space above the bifold doors for the awning brackets, so we fabricated a tailor-made 6.6-metre goalpost frame to fit either side of the brickwork, providing sufficient support for the awning. The cassette is colour-matched to the frame of the bifold doors, creating a seamless look, and the natural-coloured canopy material looks smart and sophisticated. This project is a great example of how we can blend innovation, functionality, and aesthetics to create a fantastic area of shade for your garden. 

Extra Support for Bifold Door Awnings

When installing awnings above bi-fold or sliding doors, additional reinforcement is sometimes required if there is limited space above the door frame. Our solution involves using a tailor-made goalpost frame that is fitted to both sides of the doors and holds the awning away from the wall. This strong and sturdy framework distributes the load, providing stability and ensuring that the weight of the awning does not cause any harm to the property.

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Bifold Door Awnings

Bifold door awnings are one of our most coveted offerings. They help to create a seamless flow from indoor spaces to your patio or garden, while also providing effective temperature control during the warmer months. Our extensive range of bifold door awnings ensures you have ample options to choose from, and each installation is meticulously tailored to provide the perfect, custom fit for your space.

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Electric Awning Fitted in Surrey

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