Winter Garden Top Tips

Come winter, many of us retreat indoors and our gardens are left unused and sometimes neglected. Leaves fall from the trees, flowers wilt, the nights draw in and temperatures fall making time outdoors less appealing. However, with some careful planning and good preparation, you can transform your garden into a winter wonderland that not only looks beautiful, but is a space that you can use all year round; imagine sitting out in the garden with a good book on a cold, clear-sky day, or perhaps cooking some bangers on the BBQ during fireworks night. Here are our top tips for creating a magical winter garden that you and your family can enjoy, even during the winter months.

Go Evergreen

Ensure your garden has a good mix of evergreen plants that will flourish throughout the winter months. Include hardy topiary shrubs to create structure and decorate with festive sprigs of holly and silky screens of laurel. Consider a few flowering evergreens to break up the foliage such as snowy white viburnums, or add a pop of colour with some pyracantha thorn bushes with their distinctive fiery-orange berries.

Evergreen Holly - Winter Garden Top Tips - Awningsouth

Inject Pops of Colour

Winter gardens needn’t be boring. Add bursts of colour to your beds with some winter flowers such as the golden Eranthis hyemalis, stems of bright Dogwood Cornus and trees with interesting barks such as the coppery Prunus serrula Tibetan cherry. Alternatively, add some colourful garden furniture, give your shed a lick of paint in an uplifting shade, or scatter some bright cushions around your outdoor seating area.

Add Some Sparkle

A winter garden wouldn’t be complete without some pretty lighting. Drape fairy lights along fences, hang strings of LEDs on bare tree branches and light up the way with torchlights along garden paths to create a soft and magical glow throughout your garden. Place clusters of lanterns around doorways and pop some candles on your garden table for a romantic alfresco dining ambience. If you are planning to include an awning in your garden, add an LED lighting bar to provide some extra light for your patio; our good quality LED spotlights will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space well into the evening. 

Fairy Lights - Winter Garden Top Tios - Awningsouth

Create Shelter 

If you want to use your garden during the winter months, creating some shelter is a good idea. Although awnings aren’t suitable for heavy downpours, they will protect you from light showers and block the glare of bright sunlight or low evening sunshine. Simply open or retract your electric awning as required, or install special sensors to automatically open and close the awning depending on the strength of the wind and sun. Awnings are a good way of creating some extra privacy for your winter garden too. 

Stay Warm

When the temperature drops, create extra warmth in your winter garden using an outdoor heater. All of our electric awnings can be fitted with a super-efficient outdoor heater that provides instant heat exactly where you want it. Position the awning heater over your outdoor seating area for you and your guests to enjoy. You may also consider scattering a few cushions and blankets around your outdoor seating area to create a warm and cosy setting in which to sit and relax. 

Weinor Awning LED Light bar - Awningsouth - Southampton, Hampshire

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