Why Awning Sensors Are So Useful

Awning sensors are a great way of controlling your awning without you having to lift a finger, or even push a button! By installing an awning sensor, the awning will automatically open when the sun gets too hot, or close when the wind and rain gets too strong. This means you can relax and enjoy your garden or patio, knowing that you and your family will be protected from the sun when you need it the most, and your awning will protected from the elements when the weather turns bad. Read on to find out more about the Awning Sensors that we have available and how they can make using your awning hassle free…

Sunlight Sensor

If you want protection from the sun when it gets too hot, a sunlight sensor is a great choice for your awning. The Sunis Sun Sensor will detect when the sun is too strong and automatically open your awning to provide you with some welcome shade, keeping you cool and preventing harmful UV rays from burning your skin. This is also a useful gadget if you want to protect your outdoor or indoor furniture from UV exposure. This sunlight sensor is a wireless unit that is powered by built-in solar cells, allowing you to fit it anywhere within close proximity to your awning.

Somfy Awning Sun Sensor - Awningsouth

Sun & Wind Sensor

Awnings can get damaged if the wind gets really strong, so it’s wise to put your awning away in breezy conditions. But if you don’t want the hassle of keeping an eye on the weather, our automatic wind sensor does all of the hard work for you. The unit works by detecting vibrations from high winds. When the unit senses that it’s too windy, the awning will automatically retract into the cassette, keeping it protected. This device also comes with a sun sensor which will automatically open the awning when it gets too hot, as explained above.

Somfy Awning Wind and Sun Sensor - Awningsouth

Weinor BiSens Sun/ Wind / Rain Sensor

For the best weather protection, our Weinor BiSens Sun, Wind and Rain sensor will keep both you and your awning protected at all times. If it gets too windy or starts to rain heavily, the awning will retract. If it’s too hot, the awning will open up. This is the ultimate in convenience, leaving you time to enjoy your outdoor space and not have to worry about opening or closing the awning depending on the weather conditions!

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*Please note that you should never leave your awning extended when not at home.

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