Why Are German Awning Brands More Expensive?

With so many awnings available on the market, finding one to suit your property and budget can be overwhelming. Plus, there has been a proliferation of cheap awning models in recent years. A more affordable option may seem tempting, but do they really offer value for money? Here at Awningsouth, we only supply awnings made by the German brand Weinor – their high-quality products are built to last. They may be more expensive, but, as they say, you get what you pay for! Here are a few reasons why German awning brands are worth paying a bit extra for. 

Superior Design & Build

Premium awnings from German brands are designed by experienced engineers and made from high-quality materials to ensure they are super strong and built to last. The frames are manufactured using high-grade powder-coated aluminium, and all fixings and brackets are either in coated nickel or aluminium to prevent rusting. Furthermore, the frames can be finished in over 300 colours. Cheaper frames will often be much weaker in comparison and likely to get damaged by the wind. It is also hard to acquire replacement parts if they do break. 

Full Cassettes

Most cheap awnings only have a semi-cassette, leaving the awning frame exposed to the weather all year round. This exposure can lead to unsightly corrosion and considerably reduce the lifetime of the awning. German brands, on the other hand, feature full cassette awnings. Full cassettes enclose the awning fabric, arms and roller mechanism entirely, protecting them from the weather and helping them to last longer. 

High Quality Fabrics

A high-quality fabric can make all of the difference when it comes to an awning. It is the part you see the most of after all! With wide ranges of colours and patterns, German awning brands offer far more variety than high street awnings. They even have colour-matching options, which allow you to make the awning unique to your outdoor space. Plus, higher-quality fabrics use high-pigment fibres, repel water, dirt and oil, and have good UV resistance. Cheaper materials will likely fade quickly and go mouldy over time, especially in the UK. 

Motorised Awning for BiFold Doors in Southampton - Awningsouth

Extensive Warranties

German awning brands are manufactured from high-grade materials and with excellent attention to detail. This ensures they last much longer than cheaper brands. As a result, more expensive awning brands offer much longer warranties on their products – typically 5 years motor warranty and a 5 year fabric warranty. Conversely, cheaper alternatives will only provide a warranty of up to 3 years, if they have one at all. 

Large Sizes

If you are looking for a large awning, you’re unlikely to find a cheap option. High street awnings have minimal sizing options. In contrast, premium brands can custom make awnings in large formats – spans reach up to 6.5 metres, with projections of up to 4 metres – giving you plenty of shade, protection and privacy for the summer months. 

Professional Installation

Tempted to fit an awning yourself? We strongly recommend that you don’t. It may seem pretty straightforward, but DIY awnings can be tricky to fit, and if they are not installed correctly, they can be dangerous and cause damage to your property. High quality awnings are fitted by trained professionals. This ensures the awning is installed with the utmost care and is safe and secure.

Electric Grey Awning fitted in Southampton by Awningsouth

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