Full-Cassette vs Half-Cassette vs Open Awnings

When shopping around for an awning for your patio or garden, one thing you’ll need to consider is what kind of cassette you would like. The options include a full-cassette, half-cassette or an open awning with no cassette. Here we explain the differences between the three types of awning cassettes to help you with your decision. 

The main difference between a full, half and open awning cassette is how much the awning fabric and roller mechanism are covered when it’s retracted. A full cassette covers the fabric and roller entirely, a half cassette partially covers the fabric and roller, and an open cassette provides no cover at all. 


Full-Cassette Awnings

Full-cassette awnings fully enclose the awning fabric, arms and roller mechanism to protect them from the weather. When the awning is retracted or closed, the fabric rolls inside the cassette completely and the arms fold inward. This ensures the fabric and moving parts can not be seen or be exposed to the wind or rain. In addition to protecting the awning, this is a smart and tidy option too.

  • Full coverage of fabric and moving parts
  • Smart and tidy finish
  • More expensive

An example of a full cassette awning is our award-winning Weinor Semina Life Awning. This modern cassette features cushioned infeed rollers that reduce wear and protect the awning fabric from the elements. Finished with a stainless steel look, the end head plates cover either end of the awning and for a sophisticated effect.


Half-Cassette Awnings

Awnings with a half or semi-cassette provide partial cover for the awning fabric, arms and mechanisms. However, protection is not as good as a full cassette awning. Semi-cassette awnings tend to be less expensive so are a good option for more sheltered gardens or patios.

  • Partial cover of fabric, arms and roller mechanism
  • Good for sheltered gardens and patios
  • Less expensive


Open Awnings

Weinor Topas Awning - Awningsouth

Open awnings provide very limited protection for the awning fabric and motor mechanism. This is a low budget option and only suitable if there is already some protection. For example, an overhanging balcony to protect the awning from the outdoor elements.


Weinor Cassette Design

Weinor - Opal Cassette - Surrey Awning RangeWeinor awning cassettes are characterised by a beautiful slimline oval shape. Extensive design and engineering development have resulted in a cassette that completely conceals the awning fabric, arms and roller mechanism from view. The cassettes are also incredibly sleek and stylish. Weinor end caps also feature a unique and safe closing mechanism. This indicates whether the awning is secure and reliably protected.

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