What Are Awnings Used For?

6 Ideas of How an Awning Can be Used

Awnings are a great way to provide instant shade from the sun and shelter from any unexpected rain showers. They can also be used to create cosy spaces in your outdoor space for entertainment, relaxation and play. Here are just a few ideas of how an awning can be used.

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Dine Alfresco

If you enjoy entertaining friends and family and love eating outside, awnings are a fantastic way of creating a cosy alfresco dining area over your patio or garden. Not only will the awning provide shade from the hot midday sun and shelter from light rain showers, it will also help to define the space as a dining area and the addition of outdoor heaters and integrated LED lights will create a lovely and relaxing ambience for you and your guests.

Relax in A Cosy Nook

Use an awning to create a cosy nook in your outdoor space where you can sit back, relax and perhaps read a book or take a nap in a comfy chair. Protected from the sun and the rain, you can make it a little sanctuary of relaxation and calm knowing that you won’t be disturbed by the elements.

Create a Play Area

Protect the little ones from the sun’s harmful rays with an awning over their outdoor play area. Simply open up the awning when the temperature gets up so you can let them enjoy playing outside without the worry of them overheating or getting sunburnt.

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Protect Furnishings

For those of you lucky enough to have a south facing garden, the sun will beam into your garden for much of the day. However, this can cause issues with sun damage on furniture positioned close the south facing windows. An awning can be used to create shade for your south facing rooms, thus preventing your furnishings from fading. Awnings are particularly popular for large bifold or patio doors where lots of sun can shine into the room.

Keep Indoor Living Areas Cool

In a similar way to protecting your furniture, awnings can also help to keep a hot room cool. If you have rooms that get lots of sun and have lots of large windows, they might get extremely hot during the day. Awnings are often used to create some welcome shade over the large windows and so keep the room temperature down.

Extend Living Areas Outside

Awnings can be used to blend the lines between your outdoor and indoor living spaces. For example, if you have large patio or bi fold doors opening out onto your garden from your living room, an awning will help to connect the two and make your indoor living space appear more spacious.

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