Top 4 key features of the Topas Weinor Awning

The Topas awning from Weinor is our most affordable awning model, but, despite its lower cost, it still comes with all of the excellent build and design qualities you’d expect from the well-established Weinor Awnings brand. Read on to find out more…

High on quality

The Topas Weinor awning is highly engineered and well made. It comes with Weinor’s signature LongLife arm brackets which use a special fabric tensioning system to keep the awning canopy taut without stretching it.  Furthermore, it can handle winds up to force 4 on the Beaufort scale.

Low on budget

Due to the open cassette design, the Topas Weinor Awning is excellent value for money. Despite not having the protection of a full cassette, this awning boasts the same high standards and quality that you’d expect from Weinor awnings, but at a more affordable price.

Contemporary Design

The design of this awning is very modern, with simple, clean lines, giving it a contemporary feel and timeless appeal. This look works in a wide variety of gardens and patios, big and small. It can also be manufactured with an aluminium top covering, which gives it a neater finish and extra protection from the weather.

Versatile Installation

The Topas Weinor Awning features an open cassette which makes it suitable for various installations including ceiling or wall fittings. It is available in projections of up to 3 metres (9ft 10in) and widths of up to 7 metres (18ft), making it ideal for any size of garden, terrace, patio, or courtyard.

Find out more

These are just a few of the key features of the Weinor Topas Awning. If you would like to learn more about how this compact awning could work in your garden or patio, please contact our sales team for some friendly and helpful advice: call 02381 290170 or email

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