The Best Patio Awnings

Looking for a patio awning? Here is our quick guide to the best patios awnings for every type of property and occasion. Whether you have a wide and spacious patio that is in need of some extra shade or a small patio courtyard that needs more privacy, we can help you to create the shading that you require with these premium quality patio awnings. 

Best for modern patios – Weinor Cassita

Weinor Cassita Awning Fitted in Winchester by Awningsouth

The Weinor Cassita Patio Awning was designed with contemporary and modern architecture in mind. All of the mechanical and mounting elements are hidden away for a smart and streamlined look that compliments modern properties perfectly. The cassette is oval in shape and the fully enclosed end caps prevent the awning from being damaged by the weather. An internal tensioning system within the awning arms helps to keep the fabric taut, without overstretching and prevents unsightly sagging. 

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Best for large patios – Weinor Opal

Yellow Opal Weinor Awning Fitted in Ferdown Dorset - Garden View - Awningsouth

The Weinor Opal Patio Awning is capable of shading large patio spaces. With a maximum width of 6.5 metres and a long 4-metre projection, this awning is perfect for larger properties and gardens. The style and manufacture of this patio awning are of premium quality with high-quality materials and a slimline design. The technology is also of a high standard with Weinor super-quiet LongLife arms and fully enclosed end caps. 

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Best all-rounder patio awning – Weinor Semina 

Weinor Semina Life Awning - Fitted By Awningsouth

With a sophisticated and modern design, the Weinor Semina Life Awning is a great all-rounder that will suit most outdoor patio areas. Award-winning, it combines advanced technology with a full cassette for excellent durability. It also features cushioned infeed rollers to protect the fabric when the awning is opened and closed, so if you plan to use your awning frequently, this is a great choice. This awning can shade large patios and can be fitted with optional LED lighting or a drop-down valance. 

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Best for small patios – Markilux 990

990 Markilux Awning - Red - Supplied and Fitted by Awningsouth - Hampshire, Surrey, London

If you have a small patio that requires extra shading, the Markilux 990 could be the perfect solution. This awning is designed for small outdoor spaces and is equipped with excellent design and high-quality materials that are synonymous with Markilux awnings. This canopy is also available with a wide range of optional extras including infrared heater, LED lighting, sun sensor and a variety of fabric and bracket colours.

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Best for extra privacy – Markilux 6000

Large Electric Awning WIth Valance Fitted in Southampton by Awningsouth

For patios requiring a bit of extra privacy, the Markilux 6000 Patio Awning is a great option. Not only is it Markilux’s most customisable awning, but it can also be fitted with the Markilux Shadeplus valance which extends down at the front of the awning for extra privacy and shading. This award-winning awning is also one of our largest, with a maximum width of 7 metres and a 4-metre projection making it suitable for larger patios. 

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Best for all-year-round use – Markilux 1600/1650

1650 Markilux Awning - White - Supplied and Fitted by Awningsouth - Hampshire, Surrey, London

Patios aren’t just for summer! If you’re looking to use your awning all year round, the Markilux 1600/1650 is the best choice. This award-winning patio awning is super strong and durable, plus, it is fitted with a special brush that removes dirt and debris – perfect for sweeping away autumnal leaves. The awning has a semi-cassette that is as stylish open as it is closed and the top cover sits flush with the front profile to protect the fabric when it’s not in use. 

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