5 Reasons to Choose a Markilux Awning

This year we are delighted to be able to offer you Markilux Awnings as part of our product collection. Markilux is renowned for being a top Awning manufacturer and here are just a few of the reasons why we know you are going to love them…

markilux 1650 Awning - white - Supplied and Fitted by Awningsouth - Hampshire, Surrey, London

1. Remarkable Quality

All Markilux Awnings are produced from excellent quality materials that will not only look superb, but will stand the test of time too. The care and attention that goes into the production of each and every awning is evident in the high-quality finishing and tidy details; these awnings really are a thing of beauty!

2. Award-Winning Awning Design

Markilux Awnings have won awards from RedDot Design and IF Product Design, amongst others. Their awnings have been highly commended for their innovative form and excellent quality so you can be confident that your awning is from one of the best brands out there.

3. Innovative Technology

Never standing still, Markilux is constantly evolving and looking for new ways to make their awnings even better for their customers. From smooth moving parts to beautifully designed finishings and fittings, you can rest assured that a Markilux awning is at the forefront of technological design.

4. 50 Years in the Making

Markilux has been designing and producing high-quality awnings for over 50 years. A family business, this German brand is as dedicated to delivering the very best awnings now as it was in its infancy.

5. Comprehensive Customisation

The range of Markilux accessories and customisation options for your awning is immense. Choose from atmospheric mood lighting and cosy outdoor heaters, as well as over 160 fabric options and many cassette colours.

markilux 990 Awning - Yellow - Supplied and Fitted by Awningsouth - Hampshire, Surrey, London copy

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