Product Highlight – The Weinor Light Bar

Weinor Awning LED Light bar - AwningsouthIf you want to continue using your awning even after sunset, a Weinor Awning Light Bar will take you from day into night in complete comfort. Creating a soft and warm glow underneath your awning, you can continue to enjoy your time outdoors with family and friends. Here we share with you a few highlights of the Weinor Light Bar…

Timeless Elegant Design

Weinor LED Light bars are sleek and stylish in design. Whether you choose an awning with an integrated light bar already built in, or have one retrofitted, the light bar doesn’t require any extra wires and will sit neatly underneath the awning along the back wall. Plus, the lightbar is constructed from high quality, corrosion-free materials to ensure longevity and are scratch resistant.

Weinor Awning Integrated Light Bar - Awningsouth

Economical LED technology Ÿ

The LED Lights used in the Weinor Awning Light-Bar use 85% less energy than halogen spotlights but emit just as much light, if not more. For comparison, halogen spotlights can use as much as seven times more energy. As such, LED’s have a much longer working life lasting thousands of hours so you will hardly ever have to replace them, and if you do, individual bulbs can be easily replaced as required.

Frame Colours

The Weinor LED Light Bar is available in over 200 frame colours. We offer 47 colours as standard, but you also have the option of over 150 RAL colours to choose from. This ensures your light bar will blend in perfectly with your awning and the window or wall to which it is attached.

Weinor - Cassita with Lights - Alresford Awning Range

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