Outdoor Entertainment: One of the biggest home design trends for 2021

Houzz, the popular home design website, has identified Outdoor Entertainment as one of the top ten home design trends for 2021. Here we look into their findings in more detail…

Garden Improvements

Houzz’s lockdown survey in 2020 revealed that 30% of respondents believed that upgrading their outdoor space would make their time at home more enjoyable. Houzz landscape architects and contractors also saw an uplift in enquiries during 2020 with outdoor eating areas and outdoor cooking equipment being most prevalent. This suggests that many of us want to improve our gardens so we can better enjoy our time at home. And we don’t expect this to slow down going into 2021. Here at Awningsouth, we’ve also seen an increase in enquiries for awnings from customers wanting shade for their patio or garden as well as a cosy space to relax in whilst spending more time at home. Awnings can also create a wonderful space for alfresco dining with soft LED lighting and outdoor heater options available. Read our Alfresco Dining Blog for more inspiration. 

“Our lockdown survey showed that hands-down, the garden was the area most of us wanted to improve this summer and, as restrictions lifted, Houzz landscape architects and contractors reported huge increases in enquiries.” Houzz

Electric Patio Awning Fitted in Wiltshire - Sideview -Awningsouth

Outdoor Gyms

Houzz has also seen an increase in searches for ‘home gym’ and, perhaps more interestingly, ‘garden gym.’ Both of these terms have risen dramatically in popularity during 2020, suggesting that homeowners are looking for practical and stylish ways to take their workouts outdoors. It’s well-known that exercising outdoors is excellent for the body, and the mind and an outdoor gym can open up many possibilities for home workouts during the warmer months. Our garden awnings would be the perfect way to provide a cool, shaded area for your home workout and an extra bit of privacy for outdoor spaces that might be overlooked by neighbouring properties. 

Outdoor Gym - Garden Trends 2021 - Awningsouth

Smart Homes and No-touch Technology

Furthermore, Houzz also reported a dramatic increase in website searches for smart-home and no-touch technology. We’ve already seen sustained growth of smart home popularity over recent years, but this suggests that we may all be looking for even more ways to integrate smart technology into our homes this year. Here at Awningsouth, we’ve certainly seen increased enquiries for electric awnings with smart and no-touch control. We offer a range of easy-to-use hand-held remotes as well as smart apps that allow you to operate the awning without lifting a finger. We’ve also seen an uplift in sales for sunlight sensors that automatically open the awning when the sun gets too hot, and wind sensors that close the awning if the wind gets too strong. For more inspiration, please take a look at our Why Awning Sensors Are So Useful blog

Somfy Sunis Sun Sensor For Awnings

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Have you been inspired by Houzz’s trend predictions for more improvements in home gardens and outdoor spaces in 2021? Would you like to explore the possibility of having an electric awning installed at your home? Then please get in touch with our sales team for some friendly advice: call 02381 290170 or email sales@awningsouth.co.uk.

Source: https://www.houzz.co.uk/magazine/are-these-the-interior-trends-coming-our-way-in-2021-stsetivw-vs~141890893


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