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Not Just for Summer – How To Keep Warm Under Your Awning This Winter

Weinor Cassita Awning Fitted in Surrey - Awningsouth

A common misperception of awnings is that they are only suitable for use during the summer months. However, with the right accessories in place, you can enjoy your awning all year round, even if the temperature does dip. Read on to find out how our Weinor Awning Tempura Heating System can keep you feeling snug and warm, even on the coldest of days.

Instant Heat

Weinor Tempura Outdoor Heaters are designed to provide you with a comfortable warmth that will allow you to enjoy sitting outside, whatever the temperature. Modern, safe and super efficient, Weinor Tempura heaters reach full power just a few seconds after being turned on, providing you with heat almost instantly.

Heat Where You Want it

The swivel fitting of the Weinor Tempura Heater allows you to direct the heat to where you want it, rather than heating unoccupied air surrounding it. Position the heater directly over your outdoor seating area so that you and your guests can enjoy being outside for longer.

Energy Efficient

Weinor Tempura Outdoor Heaters are designed to be ultra efficient and convert 90-95% of energy into heat. This makes them incredibly economical to run compared to oil or gas heaters. Plus, you’ll never have to top them up with fuel as they are directly connected to the mains electricity supply.

No Noise, No Odour

Infrared awning heaters are completely silent, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space in peace and quiet, even during the winter. They are also very clean with no messy soot or unpleasant smells.

Simple Installation

Outdoor awning heaters are easy to install and we’ll take time to ensure that your heater is well positioned for optimal benefit to you and your guests.

Find Out More

If you want to keep using your outdoor space for longer this Winter, get in touch to find out how a Weinor Awning Heater could work in your outdoor space.  Contact us at Awningsouth to find out more.


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