How to Protect Your Awning in Winter

With winter only a month away, now is a great time to prepare your outdoor space for the colder season ahead. If you have a retractable garden or patio awning, it’s prudent to take extra care of your awning at this time of year to avoid damage from strong winds, rain and fallen debris. Read on for a few useful tips on how to care for your awning this winter…

Don’t Use Your Awning When it Rains

Although our awnings can provide shelter from very light showers, they are not designed to be used in heavy rain, so we recommend avoiding wet weather when using your garden awning. It may be tempting to use your electric patio awning as a rain shelter, but heavy rain can damage the awning fabric and if rainwater pools, it can become too heavy and damage the arms and motor mechanisms. The Weinor BiSens Sun/Wind/Rain sensor is a great way to detect wet weather, and it will automatically roll your awning away when the heavens open. 

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Dry the Awning Fabric

If your awning does get caught in a light rain shower and the fabric gets wet, roll it open again on a sunny day to allow it to fully dry. If a damp or wet awning is left rolled up in the cassette for a long time, moisture can get trapped inside and cause the build-up of mildew. This can damage the awning fabric and may even lead to rust forming on the retracting arms. This is especially important if you don’t plan to use your awning for a long time – give it a chance to breathe before rolling it away for the winter, and you’ll extend the life of your awning considerably. 

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Clear Debris Regularly

It’s not unusual for patio awnings to catch fallen leaves and twigs during the autumn and winter months, so take care to remove debris regularly to protect your awning. By periodically clearing away any debris, you can extend the life of your awning and avoid heavy-duty cleaning in the spring. And if you don’t want to do this yourself, consider our award-winning Markilux 1600 Awning which features an integrated brush. This unique cleaning gadget removes dirt and debris from the awning, making it one of our best awnings for all-year-round use. 

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Install an Awning Wind Sensor

Retractable awnings are very robust and strong, but care needs to be taken when using them on windy days. Our best-selling Weinor Opal Awning is certified to withstand winds up to Force 5 in strength, but beyond that, the awning should be put away in order to protect the awning arms and fabric. With the often changeable nature of the Great British weather, it’s easy to get caught out by increased wind speeds, so an automatic wind sensor takes away the hassle of monitoring the weather – the awning will simply close up when the wind strength gets too high. Awning wind sensors either use an anemometer or a vibration sensor to detect strong winds. 

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If you want more advice on how to look after your Markilux or Weinor awning this winter, or are interested in the range of wind and rain sensors we have available, please get in touch with our friendly awning sales team: call 02381 290170 or email


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