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How to Look After Your Awning This Winter

As the nights draw in and the temperatures drop, it’s important to make sure your retractable awning is well protected for the winter months. Although you can still make use of your awning during the winter, you may not use it as often as in the summer, and you’ll need to protect your awning from the harsh winter weather. Here are a few things you can do to protect your awning during the cold spell…

Remove Autumn Debris

If your awning has collected some of the fallen leaves that autumn inevitably brings, be sure to carefully brush them off your awning to prevent any damage or staining when they eventually decay. Also look out for any stray twigs that may get stuck in the awning casing.

Repair Rips or Damage

If your awning has any nicks or rips in the fabric or the brackets have been damaged in any way, get them repaired during the winter months when you are less likely to use your awning. Sorting out any repairs now will make sure your awning is ready to use as soon as the sunshine returns in the summer.


This is a great time of year to give your awning a gentle clean. Dust and dirt can build up over the summer and damage or stain the awning fabric if it is left to soak in over the winter. Using some warm soapy water, carefully wipe the fabric clean and allow to dry thoroughly before rolling it away. Do not use any harsh chemicals and don’t scrub too hard.

Treat the Fabric

After cleaning your awning fabric, use a special waterproofing spray to refresh the water repellency. This will ensure the fabric repels any water that makes contact with the awning in light rain showers and protects it from mould and mildew build up. Ask our expert awnings team for advice on which products to use.

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Don’t Use in Strong Winds

Although Weinor awnings are extremely high quality, using your awning in strong winds can put it under unnecessary strain. Installing an automatic wind sensor will ensure your awning is never open when the wind is too strong and thus prevent any damage to the brackets or awning fabric.

Retract When Not in Use

During the winter months, it’s best not to leave your awning out when you are not using it. If possible, keep it retracted in the casing to keep it protected from the wind and rain. Weinor’s awning cassettes are strong and durable so they will keep your awning safe and sound all winter.

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