How to keep your garden cool this summer

With the days getting longer and the temperatures finally creeping higher and higher, we’re all looking forward to spending more time in the garden this summer. But if your garden is a bit of a suntrap or south-facing, you might find, dare we say it, that it can get too hot at times. If this is the case, take a look at our top tips on how to keep your garden cool and create a comfortable oasis to enjoy during those wonderfully sunny days. 

Fit a Retractable Awning

A retractable electric awning is a great way to provide large areas of shade over your garden or patio. With modern technology and high-quality arms, most awnings are able to achieve a long projection, giving you plenty of shade and respite from the sun. Plus, you can instantly open the awning with the touch of a button, or, with a special sun sensor, you can set your awning to automatically open when it gets too hot.

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Plant Trees

Another way to create some much-needed shade in your garden is to plant some trees or large bushes to block out some of the sunlight. For big gardens, the large canopy of a Weeping Willow can create a wide area of shade, as will the Silver Birch. In small suntrap gardens, look for hedges that will grow wide and tall or add a couple of potted bay trees to create shadows when the sunlight pours into your backyard.

Add a Water Feature

There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer’s day than the light splash of cool water. Whether you choose to install a pond, fountain or even just a paddling pool for the kids, a water feature can have a cooling effect on the air in your garden when the sun is sizzling hot. To maximise the cooling effect, make sure the water is clean, not stagnant, and moving if possible.

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Pile on the Mulch

Keep your plants cool during a heatwave with a thick layer of mulch that will help to insulate the plants’ roots from the heat and will maintain moisture in the soil. Biodegradable mulches can be made up of compost, wood chippings, straw or leaf mould and are best applied in the spring to prevent the soil from drying out in the summer.

Stay Hydrated

This one applies to both you and your garden! Firstly, it’s important for you to drink plenty of fluids when out in the hot weather to keep your body temperature down and to improve blood flow to the skin. It is also important to keep your garden hydrated with regular watering. Aim to water your plants either early in the morning or in the evening and try to keep the flow of the water even across the beds and pots.

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