How to enjoy your garden in winter

As temperatures start to dip and the dark winter nights begin to draw in, winter is taking hold here in the UK, and we’re all retreating indoors. But there’s still plenty of time to make the most of your outdoor space. Even when it feels a little chilly. Here we’ve outlined a few ideas of things you can do to make your garden a welcoming space this winter.


The easiest way to turn a dark and gloomy winter garden into a warm and welcoming outdoor space is to add some soft lighting. String twinkly fairy lights around evergreen bushes, hang solar-powered lanterns in trees and light the way with some uplighters along pathways. If you have a patio awning, an LED light bar will provide an excellent source of light and create the perfect setting for a winter alfresco meal with friends. 

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If you want to spend more time outside this winter, a source of heat is a must. Huddle around a fire pit with friends and warm your hands over the crackling flames. Or, for a more permanent and sustainable source of heat, an outdoor heater will take off the chill of frosty evenings. If you have a retractable awning, install an infrared heater to enjoy sumptuous warmth over your patio whatever the temperature. 

Winter Blooms

Plan ahead to ensure your garden is bursting with colour come the cold winter months. Plant some snowdrop bulbs and pop a few cyclamens around your flower beds for blooms that will add interest to your outdoor space as the temperatures fall. Encourage the growth of holly trees or bushes for a hint of festive cheer and why not sneak in some mistletoe for fun. 

Snowdrops - How to enjoy your garden in winter - Awningsouth Blog

Festive Decorations

Embrace Christmas festivities by creating your own mini winter wonderland in your back garden. Christmas trees aren’t just for indoor spaces; hang baubles around evergreen trees and tie ribbons on bare branches. Pop some festive decorations in and around your flower beds and introduce the scent of Christmas with liquorice scented witch hazel plants and lemony winter honeysuckle.

Wildlife Feeders

Bring your garden to life with wildlife this winter. Sit back and enjoy the view of a red-breasted robin snatching seeds off your bird table and blue-headed chaffinches fluttering around feeders hanging in the trees. If you have a wood burner, create a log pile for insects and look out for hedgehogs, frogs and toads too. Ladybirds will welcome the addition of an insect hotel and why not add a few bird boxes to your garden ready for birds to nest in spring. 

Robin - How to enjoy your garden in winter - Awningsouth Blog


Whether you’re enjoying an alfresco lunch with the family, reading a good book or simply relaxing in the great outdoors, keep prying eyes from invading your winter outdoor space by creating some privacy. An electric retractable awning is a great way to create a screen and block the view from neighbouring properties that overlook your garden.

Cosy Textiles

Take inspiration from the Scandinavians and inject some winter ‘hygge’ elements into your garden to create a cosy space for you to enjoy. Scatter a few soft cushions over wooden benches and fill a wicker basket with warm blankets that can be draped around cold shoulders. Faux fur throws will create texture, and an outdoor rug will keep you toasty underfoot. 

Coffee - How to enjoy your garden in winter - Awningsouth Blog

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