How to Create an Outdoor Living Space

How to Create an Outdoor Living Space - Awningsouth

Come the summer months, we want to make every second of sunshine count and spend as much time as possible outdoors. As such, the trend toward creating outdoor living spaces is growing in popularity. The improved availability and affordability of large sliding and French doors allow us to create flow and blur the lines between our indoor and outdoor spaces. Creating a well thought out outdoor space that you can use and enjoy throughout the summer gives you more space to entertain, work or relax in. Here are a few tips on how to create your very own outdoor retreat in your back garden this summer…


Outdoor living spaces should be furnished with the same finesse and style as your interior rooms. If you want to enjoy alfresco dining this summer make sure you have a large sturdy table with comfortable chairs for you and your guests. Dress the table with good quality placemats, coasters, plates, cutlery and accessories to create a beautiful and welcoming setting. This attention to detail will make your outdoor dining area one of class and style that will wow your guests and they’ll want to come back time and time again.

Alternatively,  if you want to use the space to just sit, relax and perhaps read a book, choose a comfy outdoor sofa and matching chairs with a cute coffee table or side tables. Look out for strong and versatile rattan furniture that wouldn’t look out of place inside or out to create a stylish outdoor room. Make your little nook feel ultra cosy with plenty of plump cushions and soft blankets. The idea is to make the space feel really plush and indulgent so accessorise with pretty flowers and pot plants and a colourful rug on the floor to make the space feel whole and complete.


Lighting can completely transform your outdoor living space. Pretty fairy lights will create a dreamy, magical atmosphere for your candlelit alfresco dinner with friends and family, or if you have a retractable awning, an awning light bar with good quality LED spotlights will allow you to enjoy your outdoor living space well into the evening. Choose your lighting according to the mood you want to create and don’t forget in make use of uplights – use free standing glass lanterns or LED garden torchlights along your garden path or dot them around your living area. With LED battery powered outdoor lights getting better and better, access to power is less of a problem and there are plenty of styles to choose from so you can be sure to find the right lighting for your outdoor space.

Weather Protection

Electric Awning Fitted in Gosport, Hampshire by Shuttersouth

Being well prepared with some weather protection for your outdoor room will help you to use your space more often. Whether you want some extra shade from the sun or need some protection from light rain showers, some sort of weather protection for your outdoor living space is a must. Retractable awnings are a fantastic solution and can be rolled out and put away quickly and easily as required. You can even use special sensors to automatically open and close the awning depending on the strength of the wind and sun.


Take off the chill with some efficient outdoor heating to make sure you can use your outdoor living space throughout the summer. If you have a retractable awning, why not consider some super efficient infrared outdoor heaters that provide lots of instant heat so you can feel comfortable sitting outside for longer. If this isn’t an option, an open fire pit can work well but beware of soot creating a mess in your lovely outdoor space.


Side Awning - Anwingsouth

The last thing you want is to be overlooked in your outdoor living space, so consider ways to create some screening around the area and perhaps some sort of roofing to stave off prying eyes. Tall plants and hedging can work as effective wall screens or there are plenty of smart fencing designs. Alternatively you could consider a side awning that you can pull out and retract as you wish. This creates a simple barrier that looks smart, creates privacy and also protects you from the wind. To create a roof overhead, awnings are a great solution that can be rolled out or put away quickly and easily depending on the level of privacy you require.


Right now is the perfect time to create an outdoor living space. Whether you have a garden, patio, balcony or roof terrace, take time to organise and decorate your outdoor space ready for the summer and look forward to sending more time outdoors in the lovely weather. If you want to find out more about our patio and garden awnings, give us a call on 02381 290170 or email

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