Frequently Asked Questions About Large Awnings

Large awnings are one of our most requested-for products. Whether you have a large patio or a vast garden that you want to cover, we have a variety of large awnings to choose from. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about large awnings.

Large Awnings FAQs

Large Weinor Awnings for Bifold Doors fitted by Awningsouth in Chichester.

How big can large awnings be?

Large patio awnings can be made to 7 metres in width and with a projection of up to 4 metres. Most awning companies only go up to 5.5 metres but we are able to supply and fit larger awnings for your outdoor space. If you require shading beyond these dimensions, we can sometimes fit multiple awnings to increase the width, depending on the wall space available.

How are large awnings controlled?

Large electric awnings can controlled in several different ways. Use a single or multi channel remote control handset to open and close your awning at the touch of a button. Or download an app to your smartphone to control your large electric awning remotely. You also have the option to install wind and sun sensors which allow you to set up automatic controls, opening and closing the awning according to the weather conditions.

Large Electric Awning Fitted in Southampton

Are large awnings durable?

Weinor is renowned for high-quality design and manufacture, and this is no different for their large awnings. Made with premium yarns, UV-resistant fabric, expertly engineered robust frames and reliable electric motors, our large awnings are extremely durable, whatever their dimensions. The bionic arm technology also ensures that large awnings open smoothly.

Do large awnings need to be fitted by a professional?

We highly recommend that large awnings are fitted by a full trained and experienced professional to ensure the canopy is safe, secure and working efficiently. By their very nature, large awnings can be cumbersome to handle and fit, so fitting one yourself can be very difficult and may even cause an injury to you and/or your helpers, or damage to your property.

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Large Motorised Awning Fitted in Lymington

Do large awnings need extra support?

Yes. When installing large awnings, it’s important to make sure the extra weight of the awning will be adequately supported to ensure the canopy is secure, safe, and won’t cause damage to your property. Our experienced metal fabricators make durable wall brackets specifically designed to hold large awnings. Every awning bracket is custom made to the exact measurements of your awning.

Can large awnings be customised?

Yes. All of our large awnings are custom made to fit your property perfectly. You can also choose from many different fabric options and frame colours to match your property’s style. Furthermore, large awnings can be enhanced with a range of accessories including lights, outdoor heaters and wind sensors.

Large Weinor Opal Awnings Fitted in Hook, Hampshire by Awningsouth

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