Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Awnings

Got a question about electric awnings? We’ve got the answer! Electric awnings have become extremely popular over the years due to their ease of use and excellent technological performance. Electric awnings are simple to fit and are incredibly effective at providing shade for your home and garden. Here are a few of the questions we are most asked about electric awnings.

How do electric awnings work?

Electric awnings open and close using a motor that turns a barrel. The barrel unwinds or winds the awning fabric, and the arms open and close using a a spring tension system which is activated by the movement of the awning fabric. Our electric awnings are powered by Somfy motors which use wireless RTS technology.

How are electric awnings controlled?

You can open or close your electric awning several ways. First of all, we offer single and multi channel remote control handsets; simply open and close your awning at the touch of a button! Alternatively you can control your electric awning via a special app installed on a smart device. And if you want to take advantage of automatic controls, wind and sun sensors will open and close the awning automatically according to the weather conditions.

Retractable Patio Electric Awning Fitted in Winchester, Hampshire

Are electric awnings worth it?

The most obvious benefit of an electric awning is ease of use. Rather than manually roll your awning in and out, you can retract or deploy the canopy at the touch of a button, with no physical effort at all. Furthermore, electric awnings are carefully designed and engineered to ensure the awning canopy is never overstretched or sagging; once open, the fabric will be perfectly taut. This prevents damage and prolongs the life of your awning.

Electric Weinor Cassita Awning Fitted in Chichester - Gallow Brackets - Awningsouth

How durable are electric awnings?

Electric awnings from Weinor are very durable and built to last. With a high-quality finish and 3-year guarantee, you can rest assured they will perform brilliantly. Plus, Somfy motors come with a 5 year guarantee. The awnings are made using high-grade materials and constructed by skilled technicians with an excellent attention to detail. All components are stainless steel, and the awning arms and brackets are manufactured using drop-forged aluminium for maximum strength. Furthermore, a powder-coated finish helps to prevent corrosion.

Weinor Cassita Electric Awning Fitted in Hedge End by Awningsouth

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