Electric Awning Controls Explained

Electric awnings offer a hassle free and easy way to open and close your awning. At the touch of a button your awning will carefully open, tilt and rise according to your exact requirements. Plus, clever sensor controls can even open and close the awning automatically according to the weather conditions and your own unique settings. Our customers often ask us what the different options are for controlling their new electric awning, so here is a quick overview of all of the awning remote controls and automatic wind and sun sensors that we have available to help you to make the most of your new awning.

Awning Remote Controls – Telis 1, Telis 4 and Telis 16

We have three different remote controls available to help you to control your awning with ease. If you have multiple electric awnings or a variety of Somfy operated products in your home a Telis 4 or Telis 16 allows you to control everything from just one remote within 20 metres (approx 22 yards) of the awning. Plus, the “MY” pre programmable function lets you set your awning in just the way you like it every time and allows you to easily adjust the awning according to the position of the sun or prevailing weather conditions. The Telis 1 and Telis 4 come in a range of colours and all remotes come with a neat wall mount.

Sun Sensor

Somfy Awning Sun Sensor - Awningsouth

Protect your friends and family from the sun’s harmful UV rays with an automatic sun sensor for your new awning. Simply set the sensor to the desired amount of sunlight and the awning will automatically open up as soon as the the sun gets too intense and will raise or tilt to your preset position. The sun sensor can also help to prevent sun damage to your patio and indoor furnishings. Plus, Somfy’s WireFreeTM motor is wireless making installation quick and easy. The motor is very discrete so can be hidden away on the facade and a mini solar panel means you don’t need to worry about batteries.

Wind Sensor

Somfy Awning Wind Sensor - Awningsouth

Somfy’s Eolis RTS Wind Sensor will automatically retract your awning when the wind gets too strong, protecting it from potential damage. You have full control and can set up the sensor threshold for the strength of wind at which you want it to retract. The sensor uses radio signals to activate the motor but a 230v mains supply is required.

Sun and Wind Sensor

Somfy Awning Wind and Sun Sensor - Awningsouth

Somfy’s Soliris RTS Wind/Sun Sensor gives you the best of both worlds; automatically opening the awning when the sun gets too intense and retracting it away again if the wind gets too strong. This allows you to protect your home and family from the sun whilst also ensuring that your awning does not get damaged by the wind. This is particularly useful if you are not home during the day or away for extended periods of time. The wind sensor can be preset to retract the awning if winds exceed anything from 10-50 kph.

Vibration Sensor

Somfy Awning Vibration Wind Sensor - Awningsouth

Somfy’s Eolis 3D Wirefree RTS vibration sensor will automatically retract your awning if the wind gets too strong, protecting the fabric and frame from any possible damage. This clever little gadget uses the vibrations of the wind to detect the wind strength instead of the standard three cup anemometer mechanism. This means less moving parts to maintain and excellent reliability. The sensor itself is small and compact and completely wireless making it very easy to install and completely discreet.


Wall Switch

Awning Somfy Wall Switch - Awningsouth

Somfy’s Smoove 1 RTS wall switch is a simple way to control your new electric awning. A stylish compact unit that can be fixed to the wall without wires, the Smoove switch comes in a choice of frame colours so you can choose a finish to suit your home. Operating your awning with this touch sensitive design is simple and the discreet audio and light indicators provide positive feedback for every change you make to your awning settings.



With so many different options available, controlling your new electric awning is made simple and hassle free. Whether you want one remote control to operate every Somfy item in your home, want to protect your family and home from the sun or make sure your awning doesn’t get damaged by the wind, there’s an awning control to suit your needs.

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