Benefits of Outdoor Heaters for Garden Awnings

The days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in and the temperature is dropping, but that needn’t mean the end of days and evenings in the garden under your patio awning. An infrared outdoor heater can provide enough heat to keep you cosy warm on those cool crisp days so you can relax with a good book in the fresh air or enjoy alfresco dining all year round.

Benefits of Outdoor Heaters

Instant Heat

Don’t wait around for your outdoor space to warm up, an infrared outdoor heater will heat up very quickly providing you with lots of warmth almost instantly when you switch it on.

Consistent Heat

Rather than heating the air surrounding it, an awning heater is designed to provide heat directly to the area underneath it. Carefully position the heater over your outdoor seating area and you and your guests will feel a lovely warm heat directly from the heater.

Cost Efficient

Awning heaters are good value for money and are inexpensive to run compared to oil or gas heaters. They also offer the added benefit of never needing to be topped up with fuel as they are directly connected to the mains electricity supply.

Markilux Infrared Awning Heater - Awningsouth

No Noise, No Odour

Infrared awning heaters do not use any sort of fan or motor so they are completely silent meaning you can enjoy your outdoor space in peace and quiet, even in the winter. They are also very clean with no soot generated and no odour.

Compact Size

Compared to oil and gas patio heaters an infrared awning heater is small and compact allowing you to maximise the use of your outdoor space.

Eco Friendly

Awning heaters do not emit any harmful gases so are incredibly eco friendly compared to oil and gas heaters which can generate toxic carbon dioxide. An impressive 94% of the electricity is converted into heat so there is very little wastage.

Simple to Install

Our outdoor awning heaters are easy to install and we’ll make sure your heater is well positioned for optimal benefit to you and your guests.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep using your outdoor space for longer this Autumn with a awning patio heater.  Contact us at Awningsouth to find out more. 


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