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Awning Fabric Buying Guide

Weinor Awning with Legs - Awningsouth

Our Premium awning brand Weinor believes that the fabric of an awning can make or break the overall style and performance. It’s essential, therefore, to choose the right awning fabric for your needs. Weinor offers a vast collection of over 200 fabrics so you are certain to find one that suits your individual taste and style. They also use spinneret dyeing methods to ensure every single fibre is full of colour to prevent fading and damage from the sun. Furthermore, their nanotech fabric finishes ensure that your awning will look spectacular for longer.

So, if you are looking for the perfect awning fabric for your outdoor space, here are a few tips from Weinor on what to think about when choosing your awning fabric…

Polyester For Large Awnings

The larger your awning, the higher the risk of fabric sagging. To prevent sagging on a large awning, be sure to select a polyester based fabric which is stiffer in form than acrylic. Polyester has “memory” qualities which allows it to retain its form under tension and so lie taut for longer.

Acrylic Fabric for Frequent Use

If you intend to use your awning frequently, it might be best to choose an acrylic based fabric. Acrylic fabrics will hold their colour for longer so it is a great choice for commercial properties or where the awning will be opened out on most days.

Weinor Awning - Green Fabric - Awningsouth

Dark Colours in Leafy Areas

If there are a lot of trees or foliage in and around your awning you might want to choose a darker fabric that will better hide leaf residue, pollen, soot and bird droppings. The same applies for awnings in more urban areas where city pollution might make the awning fabric appear dirty more quickly.

Bright Colours in Hot Spaces

If you want to create extra protection from the sun, choose bright, shiny fabrics that will help to reflect some of the light away from your outdoor space but still allow enough sunshine to penetrate through and create a well lit and airy area. Just bear in mind that lighter colours will appear dirtier more quickly so they will require a bit more upkeep over time.

Weinor Awning with Legs - Red - Awningsouth

Spinneret Dyes Create Vivid Colours

All of our Weinor awning fabrics are coloured using a process called spinneret dyeing. This involves dyeing the fibres before they are spun into yarn rather than dyeing the fabric once it has been woven. This gives a much greater depth of colour and your awning will look better for longer.

Sewn Seams are Better than Glued

Awning fabrics are made up of several panels which are joined to create the desired width of the awning. Over the years it has been proven that sewn awning seams last longer than glued ones and the risk of ripples along the seam is lower. Choose a thread that is the same colour of the fabric for an almost invisible seam.  Some people worry that rainwater could penetrate through the seam holes, but this is very unlikely – when tilted at 14 degrees, rainwater will simply run off the awning and minuscule particles of dirt will actually fill the holes soon after installation.

Weinor Awning Hi-Clean Fabric - Awningsouth

Look for Teflon Weather Protection

An awning fabric with water-repellent properties is essential to prolonging the life of your awning fabric as it allows water to run off rather than soak in and cause mildew or mould to form. Look out for a Teflon fabric finish for ultimate protection from dirt, water and UV rays. All of our Weinor awning fabrics have a protective coating called Hi-Clean which guards the fabric against water and dirt.


If you would like more advice on which awning fabric would best suit your needs and style, get in touch to talk to one of our awning experts. 

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