5 Benefits of Electric Awnings

Electric awning technology is incredibly simple to fit, easy to control and surprisingly cost-effective.  But, if you’re still not sure whether to choose an electric set-up over a manually operated awning, consider these five great benefits of electric awnings

Benefits of Electric Awnings - Awningsouth - Hampshire

1. Easy to Use

Much easier than winding a crank handle, an electric motor makes opening and closing your awning simple. Just press a button on a remote control or app, and the awning will open or close gently, quietly and efficiently. Furthermore, you don’t even have to get up from reading your book or relaxing on a sun lounger to operate the awning; simply relax and let the motorised system do all of the hard work!

2. Keep the Awning Fabric Taut

A motorised awning also allows you to control how far you open the awning with greater precision. Special sensors ensure that the awning is retracted to exactly the right tension, making electric awnings sturdy, strong and very neat and tidy with no wrinkles in sight.

Electric Grey Awning fitted in Southampton by Awningsouth

3. Prevent Damage

An electric systems is essential if you want to keep your awning looking its best for longer. The precise and controlled opening and closing of electric powered awnings ensures that the fabric isn’t stretched, thus preventing damage to the awning fabric over time.

4. Optimum Sun and Shade Control

If you want to adjust the amount of sunshine or shade your awning provides, the height of an electric awning can be changed to the desired tilt point at the push of a button. Whether it’s too hot and you need some more shade or you want to let more sunshine into your outdoor space, have complete control at your fingertips whether you’re inside or out.

5. Integrate Automated Awning Accessories

There is a wide variety of awning accessories on the market that can be added to an electric awning with ease, allowing you to make the most of your awning whatever the weather or time of day. Outdoor infrared heaters will take the chill off a British summer’s evening and tasteful light bars will add a romantic and luxurious atmosphere to your outdoor space. Furthermore, sun and wind sensors can be installed to ensure your awning automatically retracts or opens depending on the breeze and temperature.

Electric Weinor Cassita Awning Fitted in Chichester - Awningsouth

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