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We offer a range of Awning Accessories that can be combined with any of our awnings to compliment your own style of outdoor living or commercial premises.

Whether you want a completely automated system for ease of use or tasteful light and heating solutions so you can enjoy your outdoor space for longer, we can help. Browse our range of Awning Accessories below.

Awning Remote Controls

We offer single and multi channel remote control handsets so you can open or close your awning with ease. All of our electric awnings use Somfy motors and state of the art RTS technology which provides wireless functionality using radio waves

Awning Sun & Wind Sensors - Awningsouth

Sun & Wind Sensors

Prevent wind damage with an automatic wind sensor which will close the awning when it gets too windy. Or if you want protection from the sun, our clever sun sensor will automatically open the awning when it gets too hot.

Wind Vibration Awning Sensor - Awningsouth

Awning Wind Sensors

Another type of protection from the wind, the Awning Vibration Sensor will detect vibrations from high winds and automatically retract the awning to help prevent damage to the awning fabric and frame.

Awning Lighting Bar - Awningsouth

Awning Lights

Continue to enjoy your outdoor space well into the evening with some beautiful awning lights. Our Awning Light Bar system is available in 1400 and 200 options depending on how much light you require.

Awning Outdoor Heaters - Awningsouth

Awning Infrared Heaters

Take off the chill and continue to enjoy your outdoor space all year round with an Awning Infrared Heater. 1400 and 200 watt options are available depending on the area that needs to be heated.

Side Awnings

Add a side screen to your retractable awning for added privacy as well as extra protection from the wind and sun. This can be perfectly colour matched to your awning for a complete look.

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